Electrified Reactor Technology

The main objec­tive of the event was to present how to scale up var­i­ous inno­v­a­tive elec­tri­fi­ca­tion tech­nolo­gies for the chem­i­cal indus­try to ensure reach­ing the EU’s cli­mate goals. The event was organ­ised by the e‑CODUCT* project, co-organ­ised by EReTech*, ēQA­TOR*, TITAN and STORMING. Two experts, Franz Hörzen­berg­er (Arcelor­Mit­tal) and Wal­ter Ver­meiren (Total Ener­gies), gave intro­duc­to­ry insights into elec­tri­fi­ca­tion. This was fol­lowed by pre­sen­ta­tions of the projects, a round table dis­cus­sion and Q&A from the atten­dees.

EReTech will devel­op and val­i­date a trans­for­ma­tive elec­tri­cal­ly heat­ed reac­tor togeth­er with the tai­lored cat­a­lyst for steam methane reform­ing.
Based on SYPOX tech­nol­o­gy the reac­tor hosts ceram­ic sup­port­ed struc­tured cat­a­lyst, elec­tri­cal­ly heat­ed by inter­nal direct resis­tive heat­ing ele­ments. This achieves an ener­gy effi­cien­cy close to 95% and a reac­tor vol­ume that is two orders-of-mag­ni­tude small­er.
EReTech final goal is to offer solu­tions for the decen­tral­ized mar­ket and for the decar­boniza­tion of exist­ing or new cen­tral­ized reform­ing plants.

Low carbon hydrogen

Reac­tor and process designs for cen­tral­ized reform­ing plants: Pilot plant at Bright­lands Chemelot Cam­pus in Geleen.

Biogas into
renewable Hydrogen

Com­plete skid for the con­ver­sion of bio­gas to renew­able hydro­gen: Demo plant in Dollnstein

Project Partners

Grant agree­ment ID: 101058608
Start date   1 June 2022
End date   30 Novem­ber 2025
Elec­tri­fied Reac­tor Tech­nol­o­gy